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GemTag Medical ID Bracelets

What are GemTags:

GemTags Medical Alert Bracelets are not only beautiful, and unique but are also functional. When is the last time you invested in a custom piece of jewelry that can also save your life? For the millions of Americans that require a medical id bracelet, GemTags offers beauty coupled with the knowledge that in the event of a medical emergency a first responder will have the critical medical information needed to render the appropriate care. With GemTags, you can be stylish and safe!

What makes GemTags Different:

What makes a GemTag Medical Alert Bracelets with a semi-precious stone different then any other medical bracelet currently available online or in stores is that it is designed uniquely for you, with your custom medical tag information and your semi-precious stone, tag & cord color preferences.  And we use black lazer engraving to make sure your medical issues are easily read!

GemCords' hope is that by incorporating a medical id bracelet into a beautiful piece of jewelry with custom engraving specific to your medical needs, that women who previously avoided wearing a medical id bracelet when they really needed one, will now embrace them!

GemTag Medical ID Bracelets